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Update to Azure Functions Service Bus extension v5.x by 31 March 2025 for continued support

Published date: March 22, 2024

Azure Functions Service Bus extension v4.x is built on a version of the Azure Service Bus SDK that will be retired on 31 March 2025. As such, extension v4.x will be retired as well. Please transition to extension v5.x which is built on a newer Service Bus SDK by 31 March 2025 to get continued support. 

The existing experience that extension v4.x offers will no longer be supported starting 31 March 2025. While you can still use extension v4.x beyond that date, it will no longer receive updates from Microsoft.  

Required Action 

To avoid service disruptions, please follow these instructions to migrate to the replacement product by 31 March 2025.   

  • Retirements