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Notification of upcoming changes to Azure Time Series Insights web experience URL

Date de publication : 14 juillet, 2020

The following notification applies to organizations using Microsoft Azure Time Series Insights S1/S2 SKUs.

In order to accommodate new functionality being made available in our new Azure Time Series Gen2 (PAYG) SKU, we are making changes to the default web experience available at https://insights.timeseries.azure.com. This URL will now provide an updated web experience tailored for Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 (PAYG) SKU.

The existing Azure Time Series Insights S1/S2 SKU web experience will now be accessible through the following url: https://insights.timeseries.azure.com/classic

Action Required:

Customers will be able to toggle between new and old web experiences. If you wish to permanently use the old web experience please update your bookmark to https://insights.timeseries.azure.com/classic.

This change will come into effect from 10th of July 2020

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