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Improved exports experience

Published date: January 29, 2024

Introducing an improved exports experience designed to streamline your FinOps practice. With automatic exports of additional cost-impacting datasets, the updated exports are optimized to handle large datasets while enhancing the user experience.  

You can export additional datasets, including price sheets, reservation recommendations, reservation details, and reservation transactions. Furthermore, you can download cost and usage details using the open-source FinOps Open Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS) format, which combines actual and amortized costs and reduces data processing times and storage and compute costs.   

With the enhanced user interface, you can easily create multiple exports for various cost management datasets using a single, simplified create experience. Moreover, you have the option to selectively rerun an existing Export job for a historical date range instead of creating a new one-time export of the required date range.  

FinOps datasets can be large and challenging to manage. You can easily handle large datasets through features like file partitioning, break the file into manageable chunks and file overwrite for daily exports, which replaces the previous day's file with an updated file each day and the upcoming support for Parquet format and file compression. These optimizations improve file manageability, reduce download latency, and save on storage and network charges.  

You can choose the latest or any of the previous dataset schema versions during the export creation. This ensures that the data processing layers that you have built on top of these datasets can be reused without compromising on the latest API functionality. Lastly, you can enhance security and compliance by configuring exports to storage accounts behind a firewall which provides access control for the public endpoint of the storage account.  

You can enable the new Exports experience from Cost Management labs by turning on ‘Exports (preview)’ button. For more information, please visit Explore preview features.  

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