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Azure Monitor for containers with Azure Portal now supports Kubernetes resource view

Published date: August 05, 2020

Azure portal now provides a Kubernetes resource view, currently in public preview, that improves the developer experience and simplifies dev/test scenarios.

With the new Kubernetes resource view, developers can use point and click navigation to see live, in-depth details of the workloads they have access to. The public preview includes multiple resource types (including deployments, pods, and replica sets) and supports the following key capabilities:

  • See workloads running on your cluster, including the ability to filter resources by namespace
  • Find the node an application is running on and their Pod IP address
  • See pods in the replica set, ready status of each pod, and images associated with each
  • Drill down to individual deployments to see live status and specification details
  • Execute on the fly changes to YAML to validate dev/test scenarios
  • With Azure Monitor for containers enabled, users can view deployment hierarchy, insights such as CPU usage and memory usage in the Kubernetes resources view, and seamlessly transition to Azure monitor for more in-depth insights


To learn more, visit:

  • Microsoft Azure portal
  • Azure Monitor
  • Services