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Azure Stack Hub with GPU's now generally available

Published date: September 22, 2020

As a part of the 2010 release, Microsoft, in collaboration with NVIDIA and AMD are announcing the general availability of GPU capabilities on Azure Stack Hub.

GPU-enabled NC and NV Series VMs unlock the ability to run Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and Inferencing capabilities on the edge. We are offering three GPU models and associated VM sizes through NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core, NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core and AMD Mi25 GPUs. These physical GPUs align with the following Azure N-Series VM types as follows:

    • NCv3 (NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPU): These enable learning, inference and visualization scenarios.
    • NCT4_v3 (NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU): This new VM size enables light learning, inference, and visualization scenarios.
    • NVv4 (AMD Mi25): These enable partitioned GPU VM sizes useful for visualization scenarios.

You may purchase a solution with any of these GPUs through our supported hardware vendors HPE, Dell and Lenovo today.

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