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Azure Maps unveils satellite imagery, batch services, and advanced geospatial functionality

Published date: July 15, 2018

Harness the power of location intelligence with new features from Azure Maps. Build mission-critical, large-scale apps for your mobility, IoT and enterprise solutions today with exciting new features:

  •  IP lookup—This service will allow developers to look up the country corresponding to an IP address. This will allow businesses to customize content based on user location and learn about customer geographic distribution.
  • Satellite, hybrid, and gray-scale vector maps—Satellite and aerial photography are now available as layers in the map control. Satellite imagery provides strictly satellite images of the Earth, whereas hybrid imagery provides satellite images with overlain layers for roads and labels. A new map style that is dark gray for users who wish to have a darker scale representation of a map is now available.
  • Batch services—This offering is designed to support the needs of large-scale enterprise, mission-critical applications with batch services for search, routing, and geocoding
  • Advanced geospatial functionality—We're launching new features to support advanced scenarios such as matrix routing, route range (isochrones), and return polygon for an area.

Learn more about Azure Maps and read our Infopedia page.

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