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Azure IoT Central is now available

Published date: September 24, 2018

Azure IoT Central is now generally available. Built on the Microsoft Cloud, Azure IoT Central is a market differentiated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, designed to enable the rapid innovation, design, configuration, and integration of smart products with enterprise-grade systems and applications. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver smart products that delight your customers with a solution that helps to reduce your go-to-market cycle and increases the speed at which you can innovate.

Azure IoT Central simplifies the development and management of an IoT solution while providing end-to-end security and scalability to meet the product manufacturer’s needs. It enables you to create a true digital representation of your products by modeling and connecting them, collecting and analyzing data they send, and integrating with backend business processes. It's an enterprise-grade solution built on proven services and decades of IoT experience.

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