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Generally available: Azure Backup releases new updates for hybrid backups

Published date: January 24, 2022

Azure Backup has recently released the below changes to the security features setting for the workloads protected via Microsoft Azure Recovery Service Agent, Azure Backup Server, or System Center Data Protection Manager.

Integration with MUA (Multi-user authorization)

The operation to “disable security features” is now defined as a critical operation that can be protected by a Resource Guard. Learn more

Unregistration blocked for protected servers with backup items in active or soft delete state

To provide protection against accidental or malicious deletion, a protected server cannot be unregistered if the security features are enabled for the vault and there are associated backups items in active or soft delete state.

Free retention of backup data in soft delete state

Customers will incur no cost for the backup data retained in the soft delete state.

No data loss if backups are retained in soft delete state

The backup policy is not enforced on the data retained in the soft delete state, and hence no data is deleted for 14 days.

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