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New features for Azure Cosmos DB built-in Jupyter Notebook support

Published date: 19 May, 2020

Now in preview, several new features are available for Azure Cosmos DB built-in Jupyter Notebook support that make it easier for developers and data scientists to analyse and visualise their Azure Cosmos DB data.

Use one of the new features to author and run C# notebooks from Data Explorer. The environment includes a built-in instance of the Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK for easy access to the data and you can import your own NuGet packages as needed.

To make it easier to collaborate and share notebooks, connect your notebook workspace to a GitHub repository. After connecting, your GitHub notebooks will be available to view, run and edit in your workspace. Conveniently save the changes directly to GitHub from within Azure Data Explorer.

There is also a new samples gallery to show you all available samples in one place. The gallery includes a new C# notebook quickstart, a new machine learning/predictive maintenance sample and samples to help you learn Azure Cosmos DB concepts.

Enable Jupyter Notebook support today and try these new features with your Azure Cosmos DB account. To contribute a sample, send us a pull request on our GitHub repo.

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