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Generally available: 40MB/s/TiB and 500MB/s/TiB performance tiers for Azure Managed Lustre

Published date: August 18, 2023

Azure Managed Lustre now offers two new performance tiers, offering tailored solutions for various workload sizes and throughput needs.

40MB/s per TiB performance tier:Ideal for customers with larger datasets, this tier delivers 40MB/s of read and write throughput per provisioned TiB. With a minimum cluster size of 48TiB and a default maximum cluster size of 768TiB, it provides a cost-effective alternative to the previously available 125MB/s and 250MB/s per TiB options.

500MB/s per TiB performance tier:Designed for customers with smaller datasets and demanding throughput requirements, this tier ensures 500MB/s of read and write throughput per provisioned TiB. The minimum cluster size is set at 4TiB, empowering you to achieve remarkable performance even with modest storage needs.

To learn more about these two new performance options, check out our blog.

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