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Generally available: 4 TiB, 8 TiB, and 16 TiB storage per node for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

Published date: March 01, 2023

Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL now supports 4 TiB, 8 TiB, and 16 TiB storage on coordinator and worker nodes in multi-node configurations. With the new increased storage sizes, you can onboard workloads with 10s and 100s of TiBs with fewer worker nodes. Less worker nodes with larger storage size allow for decreased overall cluster costs and increased storage IOPS per node to maintain or improve performance of your disk-bound workloads. You can start with a smaller storage size and scale up storage on worker nodes at any time as your workload size and requirements for IOPS per node grow.

Review available multi-node storage sizes and IOPS to learn more about various configurations in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL. 

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