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General Availability - Azure API Center

Published date: May 06, 2024

Azure API Center is now generally available, providing a centralized solution to manage the challenges of API sprawl, which is exacerbated by the rapid proliferation of APIs and AI solutions. Azure API Center offers a unified inventory for seamless discovery, consumption, and governance of APIs, regardless of their type, lifecycle stage, or deployment location.

Key features of Azure API Center

  • API Inventory Management: Organizations use Azure API Center to create an up-to-date API catalog. This catalog includes essential metadata like API names, descriptions, lifecycle stages, and owners. It also tracks version history, deployments, and technical specifications. Custom metadata can be added to capture organization-specific API information. Learn more
  • API Cataloging for Azure API Management: Customers using Azure API Management can quickly import APIs into API Center via a single CLI command, creating a cohesive center across different API Management services.  Learn more
  • API Design Governance: Enabling API best practices at scale and enforcing API design rules across your organization, empowering API developers to align with these standards, consequently ensuring quality and uniformity across all produced APIs. Learn more
  • API Reusability: Fostering the reusability of your APIs by empowering API consumers to swiftly discover and utilize the appropriate APIs. Learn more
  • API Development Enhancement: Seamlessly integrate with our API Center Visual Studio Code extension, enhancing your API development experience and simplifying the entire API development process. Learn more

With Azure API Center, organizations can effectively manage their API landscape, promoting efficiency, consistency, and innovation across the board. Click here to learn more.

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