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General availability: Azure AI Advantage for Azure Cosmos DB

Published date: November 15, 2023

Going big with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? If you are innovating with AI, build your application on Azure. 

Azure offers a robust and integrated technology stack, purpose-built for AI-powered applications, giving you a competitive edge and superior performance. Experience lower latency, faster time to market, and improved security when you build your AI app stack on Azure.

Today, we are excited to announce the Azure AI Advantage customer offer.

This offer provides new and existing Azure AI customers with a limited time opportunity to use Azure Cosmos DB as the underlying database for up to 90 days.

Azure Cosmos DB is the cloud database for the Era of AI. It supports built-in AI, including natural language queries, built-in AI vector search capabilities, and simple AI integration with Azure AI Search; guaranteed performance, with dynamic scaling; flexibility and efficiency with cost savings enabled by autoscale and choice across APIs and RU and vCore pricing models; and uptime with active-active configurations and 5 9s availability.

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