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GA: Application Insights Distributed tracing support for Java Function Apps

Published date: June 13, 2023

Distributed tracing for Java Apps on Azure Functions is now generally available for Windows and Linux.

OTel-based distributed tracing and Application Performance Management (APM) on App Insights is now generally available for Java Apps on Azure Functions. With this release, you now have OpenTelemetry-based distributed tracing that allows you to view more data from your Java-based Azure Functions applications than is collected by default. By enabling the Application Insights Java agent, Application Insights automatically collects and correlates dependencies, logs, and metrics from popular libraries and Azure SDKs, in addition to the request telemetry already captured by Functions. It enables you to use the application map and have a more complete view of end-to-end transactions to better diagnose issues and see a topological view of how systems interact, along with data on average performance and error rates.

The improvements made in the latest version are as follows: 

  • Significant improvements in cold start compared to the initial preview version. 
  • Interop with Application Insights Classic SDK. 
  • Java profiler (preview) is available in dedicated/premium SKUs. 

Upgrade to the latest version and enable the full monitoring experience!

For more info: 

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