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General availability: Virtual Network NAT health checks available via Resource Health

Published date: May 05, 2022

Virtual Network NAT (VNet NAT) is a fully managed and highly resilient network address translation (NAT) service. With Virtual Network NAT, you can simplify your outbound connectivity for virtual networks without worrying about the risk of connectivity failures from port exhaustion or your internet routing configurations.

Support for Resource Health check with Virtual Network NAT helps you monitor the health of your NAT gateway as well as diagnose or troubleshoot outbound connectivity. 

With Azure Resource Health, you can: 

  • View a personalized dashboard of the health of your NAT gateway 

  • Set up customizable resource health alerts to notify you in near real-time of when the health status of your NAT gateway changes 

  • See the current and past health history of your NAT gateway to help you mitigate issues 

  • Access technical support when you need help with Azure services, such as diagnosing and solving issues 

Virtual Network NAT Resource Health is available in all Azure public regions, Government cloud regions, and China Cloud regions. To learn more, see Azure Virtual Network NAT Resource Health - Azure Virtual Network | Microsoft Docs

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