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Azure NetApp Files | Volume hard quota change

Published date: 17 February, 2021

From the beginning Azure NetApp Files has been using a ‘capacity pool’ provisioning and automatic growth mechanism. Azure NetApp Files volumes are thinly provisioned on an underlaying, customer-provisioned ‘capacity pool’ of a selected tier and size. Volume sizes (‘quotas’) are used to provide performance and capacity and these ‘quotas’ can be adjusted on-the-fly at any time. This behaviour means that, currently, the volume quota is a performance lever used to control bandwidth to the volume. Currently, underlaying capacity pools automatically grow when capacity fills up. 

The Azure NetApp Files behaviour of volume and capacity pool provisioning will change to a manual and controllable mechanism. Starting 30th April 2021, volume sizes (quota) will manage bandwidth performance, as well as provisioned capacity and underlying capacity pools will no longer grow automatically

Learn more. Reasons for the change & operationalising volume hard quota change.

Learn more.

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