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Azure Monitor Logs connector is now generally available

Published date: July 21, 2020

Create automated workflows using hundreds of actions for a variety of services with Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate.. The Azure Monitor logsconnector is now generally available—use it to build workflows that retrieve data from the Azure Monitor Logs workspace or Application Insights component.

For example, create a logic app to query Azure Monitor Logs data and send it in an email notification from Office 365, create a bug in Azure DevOps, or post a Slack message. Trigger a workflow by a simple schedule or from some action in a connected service such as when a mail or a tweet is received.

In addition to the Azure Monitor logs connector, we still support the older connectors—Azure Monitor Logs (in preview) and Azure Application Insights. Azure Monitor Logs connector includes the functionality of the older connectors, while they still retain their individual capabilities:

  • Azure Monitor Logs (in preview)—Any old flows continue working without a change. New configurations can be made using the Azure Monitor logs connector.

  • Azure Application Insights—Continue working without a change and use it to create new flows, although we recommend using Azure Monitor Logs connector, which includes these additional advantages:

    • One connector for Azure Monitor

    • Application Insights users can set it up without the need for application key

    • Supports Time Range input parameter

    • Supports cross-resource queries (workspace and app)

    • Supported in government clouds

    • Supports higher limits:

      • Max raw data size from query gateway: 16 MB

      • Max data size from connector: 100 MB

      • Max number of records: 500,000

      • Max query timeout 110 second

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