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General availability: Azure IoT Central new and updated features—April 2021

Published date: May 11, 2021

Generally available APIs

We're announcing that the IoT Central API service is now generally available and you can access it through the production v1.0 endpoint.

You can now use these APIs and the breadth of the IoT Central extensibility surface to develop production-ready solutions. Following customer feedback, we iterated on our API surface and invested in new capabilities. Using the API, you can:

  • Manage API tokens.
  • Create and manage DTDLv2 device templates.
  • Create, onboard, and manage devices.
  • List the user roles in your application.
  • Add, update, and remove users.

IoT Central documentation

A new how-to guide, Transform data for Azure IoT Central describes common patterns for transforming device data outside of IoT Central. The guide describes scenarios such using IoT Edge to transform data at ingress and transforming data using a device bridge to transform data at egress. There’s also new content describing how to use the IoT device bridge and an updated Manage IoT Central applications with the REST API.

Link tile with parameterized URL

You can now create link tiles in device dashboards. This tile lets you create a link containing a device ID parameter, populated based on the current device dashboard.

Parametrized link tile

Support for components in Edge modules

IoT Central now supports components for IoT Edge modules. IoT Edge Plug and Play uses the Digital Twins Definition Language to define module capabilities including telemetry, commands and properties as interfaces. Components, in DTDL V2, enable interfaces to be composed of other interfaces.

Device Connectivity Events

IoT Central now emits device connectivity events, improving your ability to diagnose device health and connection issues. Connectivity events now flow through data export and are emitted when a device connects or disconnects to your application.

To try out this new capability, see how device connection events are emitted and how to export device connectivity events.

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