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Azure Data Factory upgrades Teradata connector to enable new features and enhancement

Published date: July 03, 2019

Azure Data Factory upgraded the Teradata connector with new feature adds and enhancement. More specifically:

  • The Teradata connector is now empowered by a built-in driver, which save you from installing the driver manually to get started.
  • You can now use copy activity to ingest data from Teradata with out-of-box parallel copy to boost performance. With hash partition and dynamic range partition support, data factory can run parallel queries against your Teradata source to load data by partitions concurrently to achieve better performance.
  • It also addressed the issues like connection and query timeout that some customers hit earlier.

Any existing pipelines using the original Teradata connector is still supported as-is, while you are suggested to use the upgraded connector going forward. ADF authoring UI now points customer to the new path. Note the new connector requires a different set of linked service, dataset, and copy activity source configurations; and it’s supported since Self-hosted Integration Runtime version 3.18.

For more information, see the Teradata connector article.

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