Azure API Management update November 8

Posted on 08 November 2018

The latest update to Azure API Management includes the following bug fixes, changes and new features:

  • More reliable API import. We made import operation asynchronous in the Azure portal and 01-06-2018-preview and later API versions (documentation is pending). This will eliminate timeout failures for customers who try to import large API definitions.
  • Improved Azure AD group support. We changed the way we query Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), so now it is possible to have more than 20 Azure AD groups.
  • Better developer portal sign-in experience. We fixed the handling of the sign-in button to make redundant redirects caused by multiple button clicks impossible.

We started the update on 8th November 2018. Updates are applied in batches and it usually takes a week or more for every active service instance to be updated.

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