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    March 2019

    18 Mar

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster auto-scaler is in preview

    AKS cluster auto-scaling allows you to scale more efficiently and run applications without downtime.

    18 Mar

    Azure Kubernetes service (AKS) control plane audit logging is now in preview

    Target availability: Q1 2019

    : Use audit logging in AKS to keep a chronological record of calls that have been made to the Kubernetes API server, also known as the control plane.

    18 Mar

    PostgreSQL extension in Azure Data Studio and PostgreSQL extension in Visual Studio Code

    Target availability: Q1 2019

    Azure Data Studio, our cross-platform data editor, now provides preview support for PostgreSQL. A Microsoft extension for PostgreSQL in Visual Studio Code is now also in preview.

    15 Mar

    Public preview: Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center

    Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center is in public preview and can help you secure connections to and from the public internet.

    15 Mar

    Azure Security Center: Regulatory compliance dashboard in public preview

    The new Azure Security Center regulatory compliance dashboard is in public preview. It helps streamline the process for meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing insights into your compliance posture.

    15 Mar

    Update 19.03 for Azure Sphere public preview now available for evaluation

    We now support both a Retail Evaluation feed and a Retail feed for the Azure Sphere OS.

    14 Mar

    Workload importance (preview) for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    Manage workload more efficiently by using workload importance. It’s now available for preview in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

    6 Mar

    Threat intelligence-based filtering for Azure Firewall is now available in preview

    Threat intelligence-based filtering for Azure Firewall is now available in preview. The addition of the Threat Intelligence feed to the filtering capabilities expands both the options to alert and deny traffic from or to known malicious IP addresses and domains.

    6 Mar

    Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Connector for 3270 Screens available now in Public Preview

    Microsoft Logic Apps with new Microsoft Connector for 3270 Screens (3270 Connector) allows enterprise developers to build modern applications that automate end user task flows based on legacy IBM mainframe 3270 programs, to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other integration capabilities to transform business.

    6 Mar

    New capabilities in Azure Monitor alerts

    Azure Monitor has two new capabilities: multi-resource alerts and dynamic thresholds that make it easier and scalable for you to create Azure Monitor metric alerts.

    February 2019

    26 Feb

    Azure Container Registry firewall rules and Virtual Network (in preview)

    Azure Container Registry now supports container registries that can be placed within a Virtual Network , eliminating the public endpoint and enabling firewall rules for specific external resources access.

    26 Feb

    Azure App Service – WildFly on Linux is in preview

    WildFly on Azure App Service on Linux is now in preview. Run Java EE apps on Azure and take advantage of the Azure infrastructure for security, and scalability.

    25 Feb

    Code-free data transformation at scale using Azure Data Factory

    You can visually design, build and manage data transformation processes without learning Spark or having a deep understanding of the distributed infrastructure.

    25 Feb

    Data Migration Assistant support for Cassandra to Azure Cosmos DB assessment

    Now in preview, the Data Migration Assistant provides support to help with migrating data from Cassandra to Azure Cosmos DB.

    25 Feb

    Azure Maps events in Azure Event Grid

    Azure Maps is now available as an event publisher in Event Grid.

    25 Feb

    Azure SQL DB as reference data input

    Azure Stream Analytics now natively supports Azure SQL DB as a source of reference data input.

    25 Feb

    Machine learning-based anomaly detection functions in Azure Stream Analytics (preview)

    Stream Analytics now empowers every developer to easily add anomaly detection capabilities by providing ready-to-use machine learning models right within the SQL language.

    25 Feb

    Integration Services Environment

    Integration Service Environment provides a fully isolated and dedicated environment to securely connect cloud and on-premises applications.

    15 Feb

    Azure Sphere 19.02 Release

    The Azure Sphere 19.02 release is now available. In this release, we focus on broader device capabilities, new reference solutions and prioritising features based on feedback.

    14 Feb

    Public preview: Power BI Embedded support for application authentication with service principal

    Service principal support for authentication (preview) is now available for applications using Power BI Embedded.