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Azure Quantum for Educators

Promote learning and workforce development in the field of quantum computing with teaching and other resources.

Help develop a quantum-ready workforce

Create opportunities for students to learn, contribute to, and build the future of quantum computing. Join universities and educators globally who are using Azure Quantum curricula and resources to advance learning in the field of quantum computing, and to meet the growing need for a workforce skilled in the technology.

Enhance student learning in quantum computing courses with:

  • The latest quantum hardware from a single cloud service—including trapped-ion, superconducting, and cold-atom qubit approaches from providers such as IonQ and Quantinuum.
  • The ability to write once and run on multiple platforms.
  • Q# for high-performance runtime and resource estimation.
  • The flexibility to choose your language and SDK, with native Qiskit and Cirq support.
  • Ready-to-teach, university-level curricula including programming exercises for quantum computing courses.
  • USD500 in free Azure Quantum credits per participating hardware provider for every student, and grants of up to USD10,000 for project teams and educators.

Students can start their hands-on exploration of quantum hardware for free with Azure Quantum credits and tools including simulators and the resource estimator. Read the blog to learn how researchers, educators, and students have used the Azure Quantum Credits program to propel innovation and exploration.

Practical programming-oriented quantum computing curriculum

Access a free classroom-tested and continuously improving curriculum appropriate for students with or without a physics background. The curriculum includes a syllabus, lecture slides, programming assignments, an automatic homework grading tool, and samples of final projects.

Request access to the curriculum

Preview the curriculum on GitHub

Get free hardware access for students

Create a hands-on learning environment and get your students experimenting with free quantum hardware access for students. Every student in your classroom is eligible for USD500 in Azure Quantum credits per participating quantum hardware partner to experiment with.

Access leading quantum circuit design software

Classiq and Microsoft have launched a quantum research and education program for educational institutions. Learn how to access and use Classiq's state-of-the-art quantum software platform, powered by the Azure Quantum cloud service, to accelerate quantum algorithm design in classrooms and for academic research.

Two people having a conversation and looking at a monitor displaying circuit design software

Accelerate your learning journey

Get started with an Azure free account, or an Azure for Students free account with no credit card required and USD100 in Azure credits.

Create an Azure Quantum workspace in the Azure portal, with USD500 in free Azure Quantum credits and no application required.

Run Python or Q# code samples, create a Q# quantum random number generator, or submit Qiskit quantum circuits in Azure Quantum.

Apply for a grant of up to USD10,000 in Azure Quantum credits toward the use of quantum hardware.

Read frequently asked questions about Azure Quantum credits

How educational leaders are advancing quantum computing

"The combination of Azure Quantum's support of major Python SDKs and their credit program has enabled us to accelerate…quantum hardware training [for] our students. This training goes beyond quantum algorithm execution and toward understanding how hardware specifics affect performance and how algorithms can be tailored for hardware."

Kai-Mei Fu, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Washington
University of Washington
"The Azure Quantum team helped attract a recently awarded grant to Purdue from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a quantum education program for university and K-12 students. With Microsoft, we bring together students of different disciplines and provide them with educational materials…, free access to quantum hardware…, and opportunities to interact with and contribute to quantum technologies."
Mahdi Hosseini, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University
Purdue University
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Expanding quantum education with Azure Quantum

Additional resources for quantum educators

Stay up to date on quantum computing news, product releases, and research articles.

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Help students learn quantum computing concepts, operations, and Q# programming with free courses, tutorials, and more.

Read the latest research, find events, and browse career opportunities in the field of quantum computing.

Join the Azure Quantum team every Thursday at 8:30 AM Pacific Time to ask questions and get help.

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