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Avere vFXT for Azure

Run high-performance, file-based workloads in the cloud.

Run high-performance, file-based workloads in Azure

As compute demand rises, on-premises resources can quickly become strained, bringing important work to a halt. Move excess capacity safely to Azure while leaving large datasets in your network-attached storage or in Azure Blob Storage for a cloud NAS solution.

Avere vFXT for Azure lets you protect your infrastructure investment while easily managing new demands. Run your NFS and SMB workloads without latency, and scale them to your needs using an intelligent cache to keep your data placement efficient, flexible, and cost-effective.


Automatically identify and cache active data needed for your most demanding workloads, minimizing storage latency for heavy-read environments.


File-based applications access Azure compute resources from either on-premises network-attached storage (NFS and/or SMB) or Azure Blob storage (REST).


Turn it on or turn it off. Avere vFXT gives you the scale and flexibility of Azure at your fingertips to support even your most critical workloads.

Hybrid cloud with Avere vFXT for Azure

Diagram of Azure vFXT pointing to Azure Blob Storage and on-premises Storage through ExpressRoute.

Solutions by industry

Media and entertainment

In post-production, deadlines depend on artist productivity. Avere vFXT keeps the render farm humming by connecting Azure resources quickly. This lifts infrastructure limitations so you can do more in less time with lower overhead.

Health and life sciences

Translational medicine and genomics research can challenge your infrastructure. Move excess genomics processing into Azure and keep your clinical and biological researchers focused on finding cures.

Financial services

Quantitative and risk analytics require timely access to the right resources to make strategic decisions. With Avere vFXT, hedge fund and investment institutions can use Azure to efficiently take advantage of large computing demands.


Edge devices create data that holds insights into innovation and solutions. Efficient large-scale data ingestion is key to advancing research and development, whether for autonomous vehicles or energy generation. Access this data quickly for analysis in Azure using Avere vFXT.


Build solutions that help government agencies reduce dependencies on infrastructure while managing the growing demand for analytics and intelligence. Shift legacy and modern applications to Azure to maintain core missions without disruption.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

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