Azure Stack HCI

Azure service for hybrid, familiar hyper-converged infrastructure

Flexible HCI delivered as an Azure hybrid service

Azure Stack HCI is a new hyper-converged infrastructure operating system delivered as an Azure service providing latest and up-to-date security, performance and feature updates. Deploy and run Windows and Linux virtual machines in your data centre or at the edge, leveraging your existing tools, processes and skillsets. Extend your data centre to the cloud with capabilities such as Azure Backup, Azure Monitor and Azure Security Center.

Azure Container Service on Azure Stack HCI

Deploy and manage containerised apps with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure Stack HCI. Take advantage of AKS consistent experience, extend to Azure with hybrid capabilities, run apps with confidence with built-in security and use familiar tools to modernise Windows apps.

Azure service with built-in hybrid capabilities and up-to-date software and support

World-class hyper-converged infrastructure stack for secure, efficient virtualisation of Windows and Linux guests

Saves money and increases efficiency – use your Hyper-V and Windows Server skills to consolidate aging servers and storage

Flexible hardware choices offered by your preferred vendor, from integrated systems to repurposed hardware

Introducing Azure Stack HCI

Watch this video to get an overview of Azure Stack HCI and learn how integration with Azure brings new capabilities to your on-premises HCI technology.

Azure hybrid by design

Extend your data centre to the cloud and manage Azure Stack HCI host, VMs and Azure resources side by side straight from the Azure portal. Make it hybrid by seamlessly connecting to Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Security Center and Azure Site Recovery. As an Azure subscription gets regular and consistent feature and security updates, along with unified Azure billing and Azure support plan. Leverage Windows Server and Hyper-V skills to accelerate time to value.

Enterprise scale and great price performance

Modernise your infrastructure of aging servers and storage. Consolidate virtualised workloads and gain cloud efficiencies on-premises. Azure Stack HCI offers software-defined compute, storage and networking on a broad range of form factors and brands. Optimise your costs based on your needs with flexible per core subscription. Get Windows Server 2008/R2 security updates at no extra costs. Achieve higher throughput with your demanding SQL Server workloads.

Choose from flexible hardware options

Select the deployment scenario that’s best for your environment: an appliance-like experience, a validated node solution from one of the 20-plus Microsoft hardware partners or repurposed hardware. Choose solutions optimised for specific technical use cases, available on a broad and comprehensive portfolio of x86 servers and hardware add-ons. Manage your solution from Azure or using your preferred, familiar management tools.

Evaluate Azure Stack HCI Preview

Try Azure Stack HCI in a virtual experience. Download the software and read the tutorial to get started with the evaluation.

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Learn how the new Azure Stack HCI can help you start your hybrid journey.

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Learn about the technical details for the new Azure Stack HCI.

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Stack HCI and AKS on Azure Stack HCI

  • Azure Stack HCI is now its own SKU, and not part of Windows Server. With that, comes a new business model in which product activation is managed through an Azure subscription with per-core pricing, which provides greater flexibility. New features include stretch clustering, HCI fleet view in the Azure portal, a deployment wizard and an appliance form factor.
  • Yes, you’ll get ESUs at no cost when you migrate your Windows Server 2008/R2 workloads to Azure Stack HCI.
  • No, Azure Hybrid Benefit only applies to Windows Server in Azure.
  • Many customers are already using AKS to modernise their apps. For our Azure Stack HCI customers, we are bringing the familiar AKS experience with AKS on Azure Stack HCI. Deploying Kubernetes on premises is complex. AKS on Azure Stack HCI significantly simplifies the experience to deploy a Kubernetes host and cluster on-premises. Now, customers can develop apps on AKS but deploy unchanged to the edge. They can move apps between AKS and AKS on Azure Stack HCI seamlessly. They can also run data services on premises with Azure Arc. And, finally, they can very easily containerise existing Windows apps and run it on Kubernetes.
  • Yes, AKS on Azure Stack HCI is conformant with upstream Kubernetes. The latest Kubernetes innovations will be available on a regular basis as updates to AKS on Azure Stack HCI.
  • Please refer to technical documentation for AKS on Azure Stack HCI.
  • Pricing has not been announced in public preview.

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