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What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a technique that enables computer systems to learn and make predictions based on data. Scenarios include demand forecasting, predictive maintenance and supply chain planning. Explore the differences between machine learning and deep learning, as well as machine learning languages, tools and frameworks with this overview video.


Build machine learning models your way with tools that meet your needs across skill levels.

Zero-code automated machine learning

Build accurate models quickly using an automated UI.

Visual drag-and-drop interface

Learn to build models using a visual interface.

Code-first notebook experience

Train and deploy models in Python using integrated Jupyter notebooks.

Be inspired

Explore step-by-step solutions for common machine learning scenarios.

Multi-class classification

Modelling earthquake damage: Uncover areas of greatest damage to target rescue forces.

Image recognition

Medical pill identification: Reduce human error in the sorting and preparation of medication.

Time-series forecasting

Energy demand forecasting: Predict the future load on the New York City energy grid.


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