Fast and scalable, globally-distributed NoSQL database service apps with global reach
Replicate NoSQL database data globally

Globally Distributed

Easily build apps at planet scale without the hassle of complex, multiple-datacenter configurations. Designed as a globally distributed database system, DocumentDB automatically replicates all of your data to any number of regions of your choice worldwide for fast, responsive access.

DocumentDB guaranteed low latency

Guaranteed low latency

Rely on <10 ms latency on reads and <15 ms latency on writes guaranteed for at least 99 percent of requests. The write-optimized, latch-free database engine in DocumentDB is designed for high-performance solid-state drives and delivers global scale with requests served from regions closest to your users by distributing your data around the world.

NoSQL database with limitless scale

Infinitely scalable

Scale data throughput and storage independently and elastically—not just within one region, but across many geographically distributed regions. Add capacity to serve millions of requests per second at a fraction of the cost of other popular NoSQL databases.

Benefits of SQL and JavaScript, schema-free

Schema-free SQL and JavaScript queries

Query using familiar SQL and JavaScript syntax over automatically indexed JSON data without having to define schema or secondary indices upfront. Define your business logic as stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions entirely in JavaScript, and have them transactionally executed directly inside the database engine.

Azure DocumentDB has more choices

Tunable consistency models

Instead of offering extreme choices between strong and eventual consistencies, DocumentDB offers four well-defined consistency levels—strong, bounded staleness, session, and eventual—for an intuitive programming model with low latency and high availability that is resilient to local and regional failures.

Enterprise grade SLAs

Fully managed with enterprise-grade SLAs

Focus on your application without having to manage database infrastructure. Create a collection for data, set your throughput, and let DocumentDB handle the rest. DocumentDB offers a comprehensive set of SLAs including 99.99 percent availability, latency, throughput, and consistency, and it is also ISO 27001, HIPAA, and EU Model Clauses compliant.

Customers using DocumentDB

What can you build with Azure DocumentDB?

Learn about use cases below:

Apps with global reach

Elastically scale out storage and throughput by transparently adding more partitions under each DocumentDB collection to meet the bursty usage patterns of internet scale web and mobile applications. Replicate data across any additional regions of your choice to deliver low-latency access for a global user base.

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IoT and telematics

Easily store high-volume Internet of Things (IoT) device data, and leverage real-time change feeds to respond quickly to anomalies.

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Diagram of IoT and Telematics solution

Real-time personalization

DocumentDB offers tunable consistency levels and single-millisecond latencies for reads and writes, enabling applications to retrieve user profiles and personalized settings efficiently to render UI experiences quickly.

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Product catalog

Product catalog attributes have high variability and change often over time. DocumentDB's automatic indexing over flexible schemas is a perfect fit for storing product catalogs, IoT device registries, and other catalog systems.

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Modern games often rely on cloud databases to deliver social and personalzied content like in-game stats and high-score leaderboards. Games databases often require single-millisecond latencies for reads and writes to deliver lag-free experiences, and handle massive spikes in request rates during new game and feature launches.

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New to DocumentDB?

Watch What is DocumentDB or read Introducing DocumentDB to see if our low latency, NoSQL document database service is right for your applications, including web high-scale gaming, social, and Internet of Things (IoT) app scenarios.

Why use a NoSQL database?

Learn about the differences between NoSQL databases and SQL databases by reading NoSQL vs SQL.

Got a MongoDB app?

Turn on protocol support for MongoDB and use DocumentDB as a fully managed database service for your MongoDB app without any code changes.

Not sure how to begin?

Learn how to create a DocumentDB database account using the Azure portal, then watch a step-by-step guide on how to complete the most common tasks.

Developer? Right this way.

Start by building a simple .NET or Node.js app, or a build a complete web app using existing NoSQL skills with the DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB. Use the REST API or a variety of SDKs including .NET, Node.js, Java, and Python.

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