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Azure Chaos Studio

Improve application resilience by introducing faults and simulating chaos or outages.

An experimentation platform for improving app resilience

Improve application resilience with chaos engineering and testing by deliberately introducing faults that simulate real-world outages. Azure Chaos Studio is a fully managed chaos engineering experimentation platform for accelerating discovery of hard-to-find problems, from late-stage development through production. Disrupt your apps intentionally to identify gaps and plan mitigations before your customers are impacted by a problem.

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Explore the benefits of Azure Chaos Studio

Subject your Azure applications to real or simulated faults

Observe how your applications respond to real-world disruptions

Integrate chaos engineering experiments into any phase of quality validation

Use the same tools as Microsoft engineers to build resilience of cloud services

Improve the reliability of your Azure applications

Experiment by subjecting your Azure apps to real or simulated faults in a controlled manner to better understand application resilience. Observe how your apps will respond to real-world disruptions such as network latency, an unexpected storage outage, expiring secrets, or even a full datacenter outage with chaos engineering and testing.

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An experiment being created in Azure Chaos Studio

Experiment on your own terms

Validate product quality when and where it makes sense for your organization. Take advantage of a hypothesis-based approach to drive application resilience with integrated chaos in your CI/CD pipeline, through drill events, game days, or a combination of both. Use the continuously growing fault library to validate your architecture, configuration, code, monitoring, and the staffing and resources you need to be more resilient.


Gain insights without the chaos of getting started

Avoid the need to manage tools and scripts while spending more time learning about your application's resilience. Get started quickly with experiment templates and an expanding library of faults—including agent-based faults that disrupt within resources and service-based faults that disrupt resources at the control plane.

Application insights using Azure Chaos Studio
An AppCenter Demo for a Smart Hotel app being distributed to users and test run.

Go beyond fault injection with reliability validation

Improve application reliability by implementing a cohesive strategy to make informed decisions before, during, and after chaos experiments. Integrate load testing into your chaos experiments to simulate real-world customer traffic. Disrupt your apps intentionally to identify gaps and plan mitigations before your customers are impacted by a problem.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Chaos Studio resources and documentation

Frequently asked questions about Azure Chaos Studio

  • Chaos engineering is the practice of subjecting applications and services to real-world stresses and failures to build and validate resilience to unreliable conditions and missing dependencies.

  • Chaos Studio has a growing library of faults.

    View the current list.

  • Chaos experiments require explicit granular permission to inject faults against resources.

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