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Azure Migrate

Simplify Azure migration and modernization with a unified platform.

Take a unified approach to cloud migration and modernization

Start your migration by discovering and assessing on-premises resources using the free Azure Migrate tool. Then plan your move with technical and business insights into infrastructure, databases, and applications. Migrate to Azure in phases and modernize for faster innovation and a higher return on investment (ROI). Track and manage your cloud migration progress using a central dashboard for ease of management.

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Get started

Creating an Azure account helps you begin your Azure Migrate project.

Deploy and connect

After you download and deploy the appropriate appliance in your environment, connect it with your management center and your Azure account.

Discover and Assess

Azure Migrate discovery gathers relevant details and enables you to assess for insights before moving to Azure.

Map your environment and create a business proposal with insights

Easily identify and gather details on your infrastructure, databases, applications, and virtual desktop interfaces (VDI). Map dependencies and estimate cost for various scenarios in Azure. Use the insights gathered to create a business proposal to help make the case to move to Azure.

Get started window for Azure Migrate showing multiple options
A window for Azure migrate, discovery and assessment

Create a plan to move on your terms, securely and iteratively

Assess the readiness of your on-premises resources to migrate, and right-size for optimal performance and cost in Azure. Create a plan with a phased approach (that is, moving in waves), where all connected resources migrate together for ideal performance.

Migrate at optimal cost and realize increased innovation

Move to Azure in waves and monitor progress on the central dashboard. Use the flexibility and extensibility of Azure Migrate with supported third-party tools for all your IaaS and PaaS needs. Test resources in Azure prior to decommissioning on-premises assets, then manage your IT resources for optimal cost and peak innovation through modernization.

Overview of Azure SQL shows various information as pie chart for SQL server readiness under SQL server migration scenarios

Built-in security and compliance

Overview of Security Center under Microsoft Azure, showing various list and corresponding status for it which includes pie chart, score, bar graph
Overview for the compute & apps under Security Center in Microsoft Azure, showing various coverage for the security measures.

Get started with an Azure free account


Start free. Get a USD$200 credit to use within 30 days. While you have your credit, get free amounts of many of our most popular services, plus free amounts of 55+ other services that are always free.


After your credit, move to pay as you go to keep building with the same free services. Pay only if you use more than your free monthly amounts.


After 12 months, you'll keep getting 55+ always-free services—and still pay only for what you use beyond your free monthly amounts.

Trusted by companies of all sizes


From months to hours

Learn how French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi ensured a smooth migration with a digital transformation plan using Azure Migrate and Azure VMware Solution to move the workloads of more than 15,000 servers and 1,800 applications.

Three lab workers doing tasks in a lab

Metro South Health, Queensland Government

Agility and responsiveness

Find out how Metro South Health, a major provider of high-quality public health services in Brisbane, used Azure Migrate to perform the initial discovery and assessment, develop a plan, and migrate the workloads.

Metro South Health campus


Helping customers optimize

Discover how Unit4, a cloud-based ERP service in Netherlands, used Azure Migrate to accelerate achieving its goal of creating a scalable, agile, and cost-efficient solution where customers pay for only the resources used.

Four people laughing and having a conversation

Eltes Co Ltd

Migrating and modernizing without disruptions

Learn how Eltes, a Japanese risk management and security service provider, used Azure Migrate to move to Azure—without any downtime—and benefited from the modernization of their platforms.

Englewood Health

Optimal resource utilization and consolidation

Learn how Englewood Health, a large US-based health services provider, benefited from Azure Migrate assessments, leading to a significant boost in performance and reduced cost.

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Migrate

  • Learn about the Azure SLA

  • Azure Migrate is a non-regional service, meaning there’s no dependency on a specific Azure region. Please go to the product availability per region page and use the region search tool for more information.

  • Yes. Azure Migrate can be used to modernize your on-premises workloads in Azure after migration and to create a new modernized application in Azure. Learn more about application and database modernization.

  • Azure Migrate features tools and services that support the assessment and migration steps of your cloud migration journey. Get more resources to plan your migration to Azure, including the cloud migration checklist.

  • Yes, Azure Migrate provides a way to move your legacy apps portfolio to the cloud. Learn more with this webinar, Migrate Your Legacy .NET Apps to the Cloud. If your organization uses a mainframe, find out about migrating your mainframe apps to the cloud.

  • Classic Azure Migrate is the original version of Azure Migrate, which only supports VMware virtual machine assessments. Azure Migrate can now be used to assess your situation prior to migrating to and modernizing in Azure. Learn how to upgrade to the most recent version of Azure Migrate.

  • Yes, Azure Migrate helps you assess VDI—select Lakeside, a VDI assessment tool, when you create a new project.

  • For information about licensing for a specific partner tool, visit the partner's website or go to Azure Migrate pricing.

  • Yes, Azure Migrate features support for physical server assessment and migration.

  • See a list of supported databases.

  • To begin your database migration, first use an Azure Migrate database assessment tool to discover and assess on-premises databases. To migrate your databases, go to the Azure Database Migration Service, select the subscription used in your Azure Migrate database assessment, and migrate groups and instances from your assessment.

  • Azure Migrate supports discovery and assessment of on-premises resources and migration to and modernization in Azure. Azure Site Recovery is a disaster recovery solution.

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