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    Vmware VMs migrated to new vCenter

    Forum: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

    Using $expand option in ADF

    Forum: Azure Data Factory

    Export data from Cloudyn via API

    Forum: Cost Management - Cloudyn


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    Add check box option to exclude guest users from enrolling for MFA in Azure AD Identity Protection

    We want the option to exclude guest users from MFA. There is a check box option in Conditional Access to exclude Guest users from a policy, but not in MFA registration within Azure AD Identity Protection. Therefore guest users are still prompted to enroll for MFA (but excluded from MFA actions). As a workaround we have to create a group (i.e. 'All users'), add all AD users in to that group, and choose to include that group only for MFA registration.

    OneDrive client in Conditonal Access

    The only way to set up Conditional Access for OneDrive Client is to use "Sharepoint Online". It is not possible to create a rule that affects only the OneDrive sync client. We want the opportunity to create a Conditional Access rule only for OneDrive client.

    AzureIOT + Google-spreadsheets + Wireless Temperature sensor

    Is it possible to connect Azure IOT hub with google spreadsheets I want to synchronize the data of Wireless Temperature sensor https://store.ncd.io/product/industrial-iot-wireless-temperature-humidity-sensor/ to Google spreadsheet as well as and also display the data in Azure IOT hub any suggestion to create this kind of solution will be a great help.

    Migrate existing deployed resources (including "SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01") from CSP subscription to client's own (EA) subscription

    We have created a subscription for one of our European customer under Infosys CSP subscription then we have deployed “SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01, Fully-Activated Appliance” solution instance into Azure using SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) portal. Now customer wants to move the deployed resources from Infosys CSP subscription to their own (EA) subscription. We had created ticket (request ID 118102626004041) but got to know that it is not possible as per current design from Microsoft. Kindly consider this case as this is very potential for customer as they want to leverage their existing EA subscription and saving cost.

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