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Application Insights - support for multiple environments

It would be good if I didn't have to set up application insights for each of my environments, like local, dev, test, staging, production. I want all my telemetry for my application to go into one container, and I want Application Insights to be aware of the different environments so I can quickly filter between them when using the Portal. This could be extended down to Visual Studio, where I can already see my debug telemetry separately from production, but actually, this feature will give the developer even more control and insight into application code, as it passes through the different stages of the release cycle.

Option to refresh upon closing context blade

Context blades (the skinny fly-in blade from the right) are being used more and more in designs, especially as Azure continues to transition to a fullscreen experience. One common use case is provide an intermediate UI that helps a user to perform small actions (e.g. simple add, create, edit). In these cases the user may hit a button like "Save" on the context pane which kicks off stuff on the back end and closes the context pane. However, there is no feedback on the main blade UI about the action that was performed, unless there is a notification (not applicable to all cases) or the user manually refreshes the page. It would be great if there was an option to refresh the original blade when the context blade is dismissed, so that the user can get more immediate feedback about the status of the system. Example: A settings type page - the user clicks on a link to edit a particular setting. The context pane flies in and the user makes the change, and hits save. Ideally the page they return to will refresh to have the most current information displayed to show the user that yes, the edit you just made was indeed successfully saved.

Stretch DB

MS should build these idea's into the Azure Stretch DB Product.

Token amount deducted from Indian debit card but signup asking for card again!

Hi, I was signing up for the Azure free trial account. I entered my debit card information and the token authorization amount was also deducted from my bank account, but the signup system is asking to enter card information again. It does not proceed further. Chatted with sales support and they say Indian debit card is not allowed. But then why did the system even go ahead with my card details and take the token amount? Most Indians do not use credit cards as the concept of credit is abhorred in India. Indian debit cards should be accepted for payment. Thank you.

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