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Ressources Azure pour vous accompagner pendant la crise liée au COVID-19

Gérez et optimisez vos coûts cloud pour vous concentrer sur ce qui importe le plus

Monitor and analyze your Azure bill. Set budgets, allocate spending to your teams and projects, and forecast costs for future investments.

Cost optimize your Azure workloads with best practices for Azure resource management and workload design and architecture. Save with Azure offers and licensing terms.

Put cost controls and guardrails in place in your Azure environment to allow your teams to go fast while complying with your spending policies and objectives.

Sécurisez vos charges de travail, applications et réseaux contre tout accès non autorisé

Secure your entire organization from threats with a cloud-native SIEM that scales to your needs and can be accessed from anywhere.

Protect all of your cloud workloads using context from more than 8 trillion threat signals processed per day with Azure Security Center.

Adopt zero trust for identity and segment your networks with web, next-generation firewalls and micro segmentation.

"There are many benefits with having Azure Sentinel when you're having to distribute everyone around the planet. We can deal with the issues as they come in, which is the key thing for me."

George Mudie
Responsable de la sécurité des systèmes d’information | ASOS

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Permettez aux travailleurs, aux professionnels de l’informatique et aux développeurs de travailler n’importe où

Quickly deploy virtual desktops and applications to enable secure remote work anywhere.

Securely connect your employees to all the resources they need across on-premises and the cloud. Easily scale network capacity up and down to meet changing demand.

Manage and govern your servers, Kubernetes clusters, and applications remotely across on-premises and multi-cloud with a single control plane.

Developer teams can code remotely from anywhere, with seamless collaboration in a secure, cloud hosted development environment.

Provide flexible developer work schedules across time zones and enable collaboration best practices from anywhere.

Migrez vers le cloud pour réaliser des économies et optimiser l’efficacité opérationnelle

Improve cash flow and address time-bound triggers with a "lift-optimize-shift" migration strategy. Drive operational efficiencies and scale on-demand to meet business needs. Accelerate your journey and reduce migration costs with best practice guidance and resources from Azure.

Seamlessly scale your websites by migrating to fully managed services with built-in auto scaling to meet customer demand. Simplify operations with automatic infrastructure maintenance and security patching. Minimize risk with zero downtime deployments and achieve high availability with a 99.95 percent service-level agreement.

"We wanted to eliminate $3 million (USD) in capital costs over about three years, and to reduce our operating costs by approximately the same amount. At the same time, we wanted to improve our quality of service. With Azure, we're confident about meeting these goals."

Jim Slattery
Directeur financier | Capstone Mining

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"We're now saving about 30 percent a year on infrastructure costs just by moving to Azure, with more flexibility, better servers, greater customization, and more freedom to do what we want."

Darren Gourley
Directeur technique | CYTI

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Sauvegardez vos données et implémentez une stratégie de reprise d’activité après sinistre pour éviter les interruptions d’activité

Easily back up your data and applications—no matter where they reside—through simple and cost-effective backup solutions to avoid costly business interruptions.

Quickly deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes to keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages.

Make sure your network is always on. Connect your branch offices, datacenters, and the cloud with Azure virtual WAN.

"We are able to spin up resources in a few hours instead of months, and we've reduced the operational costs of disaster recovery by almost 65 percent. We essentially avoided a half-million-dollar capital purchase."

Jeff Olson
Directeur technique IS | Legacy Health

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Accélérez l’obtention d’insights métiers avec les analyses et l’intelligence artificielle pour prendre des décisions avisées

Break free from legacy capital expenditure-driven analytics projects by migrating to a limitless service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. Query data on your terms, using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources—at scale and with unmatched value.

Visualize data and build rich dashboards in minutes.

Reduce the time and cost of retraining and building new machine learning models by accessing advanced automated machine learning capabilities and low-cost cloud compute.

"Business analysts at Newell Brands demand speed to insights. This means pulling together massive data sets of their choosing onto an instantly scalable environment that has all the contemporary tools ready to experiment, collaborate, and drive business value."

Danny Siegel
Vice-président, Diffusion des informations | Newell Brands

"If I have 200 models to train—I can just do this all at once. It can be farmed out to a huge compute cluster, and it can be done in minutes. So, I'm not waiting for days or setting experiments to run over the weekend anymore."

Dean riddlesden
Scientifique des données senior | Walgreens Boots Alliance

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Créez des espaces de travail plus sûrs lorsque vous reprenez les opérations sur site

Help safeguard your work environment with more secure and stable IoT applications built on the trusted Azure IoT platform.

Build confidence in your ability to promote well-being by sanitizing your unoccupied workspace and assets. Reduce interpersonal contact risk through remote business automation, and reduce touch points with contactless solutions deployed at scale.

Optimize your workplace to reduce risk of exposure and to gain insights into worker proximity, movement, and adherence to social-distancing and mask-wearing guidance. Recognize and respond to potential exposure within your organization.

Deliver on your commitment to worker safety, with IoT solutions designed for rapid deployment at global scale.

"With the deployment of Microsoft AI technology, we can effectively and quickly detect whether hospital personnel are wearing masks or have abnormal body temperatures."

Liao Mao-Hung
Vice-responsable d’administration | Hôpital Yonghe Cardinal Tien

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