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    How to rename index or indexer? once it is created?

    Correctly it is not possible to rename index or indexer once it is created. It is difficult to admin or developer to create index or indexer from the scratch. Please provide some option on indexer should be update. Also provide some option to create indexer using existing one.

    More descriptive errors for incorrect datatype

    We have been getting the following error when indexing The request is invalid. Details: parameters : An unexpected 'PrimitiveValue' node was found when reading from the JSON reader. A 'StartArray' node was expected It would be nice to know what field it failed on in the response and even better which specific object it was trying to work with and the value on that field.

    Lack of features

    The azure search seems to lack many fundamental features. Ability to rename the index, clone the index are a few to name.

    Allow changing of attributes of a field once data has already been indexed

    Common attributes users want to change are type (like int to string), doc-values, stored, indexed etc.

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