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Azure SignalR Service

Easily add real-time web functionality to applications

Quickly and easily build real-time communications into your web application

With Azure SignalR Service, adding real-time communications to your web application is as simple as provisioning a service—no need to be a real-time communications guru!

Focus on your core business instead of managing infrastructure

You do not have to provision and maintain servers just because you need real-time features in your solution. SignalR Service is fully managed which makes it easy to add real-time communication functionality to your application. No more worrying about hosting, scalability, load balancing and such details!

Take advantage of the full spectrum of Azure services

Benefit from everything Azure has to offer! Easily integrate with services such as Azure Functions, Azure Active Directory, Azure Storage, Azure App Service, Azure Analytics, Power BI, IoT, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning and more.

Customers are doing great things with Azure

IT consulting firm adopts Azure SignalR Service to quickly build custom solutions with real-time updates

"By using Azure SignalR Service, we gain the best practices of built-in security and scalability—a comfort for our clients and a huge win for us."
Lars Kemmann, Solutions Architect, Netrix

GranDen turns to Azure SignalR Service to simplify development and enrich player experience

"We reached out to competing cloud service providers. No one else offered us something comparable to Azure SignalR Service. Without it, we’d have to build so many virtual machines that we wouldn’t be able to leverage WebSocket in real time."
Isak Pao, Chief Technology Officer, GranDen

What you can build with Azure SignalR Service?

Cross-platform Chat

Cross-platform ChatAccelerate development of reliable, high-performing chat applications123
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


Accelerate development of reliable, high-performing chat applications.


  1. 1 Web chat app connects to SignalR Service and receives token
  2. 2 User logs into app with multi-factor authentication; if passed, SignalR endpoint and bearer token returned
  3. 3 User connects to the SignalR Service with endpoint and token

Instant Broadcasting on Serverless Architecture

서버리스 아키텍처의 인스턴트 브로드캐스트서버리스 코드로 일 대 다 실시간 통신 및 업데이트를 간소화할 수 있습니다.123456
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


Simplify one-to-many real-time communication and updates using serverless code.


  1. 1 Client pulls web app content from blob storage
  2. 2 Web app receives SignalR token and endpoint
  3. 3 User connects to web app
  4. 4 Connection triggers database event via Functions
  5. 5 Functions pushes data to SignalR Service
  6. 6 …which in turn pushes data to client

Real-time Web Dashboard

실시간 웹 대시보드인터넷 연결 장치에서 스트리밍되는 데이터를 안전하게 모니터링하고 제어합니다.1234
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


Securely monitor and control data streamed from Internet-connected devices.


  1. 1 Web app connects to SignalR Service and receives token
  2. 2 User connects to web app and gets SignalR endpoint and token
  3. 3 User connects to SignalR Service
  4. 4 Data from real-time source sent to SignalR Service and user

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