Azure Front Door pricing

Scalable and secure entry point for fast delivery of your global applications

Azure Front Door offers a single secure global entry point for web applications, APIs, content and cloud services. Through a single pane of glass and global infrastructure, Azure Front Door enables Azure customers to securely deliver and manage their global applications and content, migrate to cloud and modern microservice architectures and improve their users’ experience.

Azure Front Door enables you to build secure, high performant and highly available web applications through global load balancing with fast failover, application acceleration and web application firewall.

Azure Front Door pricing

Azure Front Door billing is based on the following pricing dimensions:

  1. Outbound data transfers (i.e., data going out of Front Door POPs to the client)
  2. Inbound data transfers (i.e., data coming into Front Door POPs from the client)
  3. Routing Rules (i.e., the number of routes configured for your Front Door). Each route is a distinct combination of http/https protocol, front-end hosts/domains, and path patterns.
Outbound Data Transfers Zone 11 Zone 21 Zone 31 Zone 41 Zone 51
First 10 TB / Month $0.17 per GB $0.25 per GB $0.5 per GB $0.28 per GB $0.34 per GB
Next 40 TB (10-50 TB) /Month $0.15 per GB $0.22 per GB $0.426 per GB $0.24 per GB $0.29 per GB
Next 100 TB (50-150 TB) /Month $0.13 per GB $0.19 per GB $0.36 per GB $0.2 per GB $0.245 per GB
Over 150 TB / Month Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
1 Minimum response size of 2KB will be billed. Please refer to the FAQ below for additional detail.
Routing Rules Price per Unit Pricing Unit
First 5 routing rules $0.03 Per Hour
Per additional routing rule $0.012 Per Hour
Inbound Data Transfers
$0.01 per GB
Frontend Hosts or Custom Domains Price per Unit Pricing Unit
First 100 domains Free Per month
Per additional domain $5 Per month

Web Application Firewall (WAF) with Azure Front Door and CDN Pricing1

WAF pricing includes monthly fixed charges and request based processing charges. There is a monthly charge for each policy and add-on charges for Custom Rules and Managed Rulesets as configured in the policy.

Policy Price Per Unit Pricing Unit
$5 Per month
Custom Rules Price per Unit Pricing Unit
Rules $1 Per month
Requests Processed $0.6 Per million requests
Managed Ruleset Price per Unit Pricing Unit
Default Ruleset $20 Per month
Requests Processed $1 Per million requests

Support & SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to General Availability, including Azure Front Door, through Azure support, starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • We guarantee that at least 99.99% of the time Azure Front Door will respond to client requests and deliver the requested content without error. We will review and accept data from any commercially reasonable independent measurement system that you choose to monitor your content. You must select a set of agents from the measurement system’s list of standard agents that are generally available and represent at least five geographically diverse locations in major worldwide metropolitan areas. For more details, see the SLA.


  • The following geographic areas correspond to the zones for Azure Front Door as listed above.

    • Zone 1—North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • Zone 2—Asia Pacific (including Japan)
    • Zone 3—South America
    • Zone 4—Australia
    • Zone 5—India
  • Yes, there is a minimum response size that you will be billed for. For any traffic sent through Front Door, you will be billed for a minimum response size of 2KB which maps to your outbound data transfers. If the response size for a given request is less than 2KB, you will still be billed for 2KB.

  • Current Front Door service restricts the number of custom domains to 100. This addition will allow customers to expand beyond 100 for $5 per additional domain.
  • For Azure Front Door, the cost of accessing data from Azure backends and transferring to Front Door is not included in Azure Front Door pricing, it is based on regular data transfer charges as described on bandwidth pricing page. During our fall promotional period from 1st October 2019 to 30 November 2019 this charge is waived. Regular billing will resume 1st December 2019.


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