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Application Insights offers two pricing options—Basic and Enterprise. With Basic, you pay based on the volume of telemetry your application sends, with a 1 GB free allowance per month. This free data allowance gives you a great way to try out Application Insights as you get started and it also allows you to use Application Insights for free on an ongoing basis for debugging and low-volume applications.

In the Enterprise pricing option, you pay for the number of nodes that host your application and you get a daily allowance of data per node. Additional data beyond the daily allowance is charged per GB. A “node” is a server or Platform-as-a-Service instance that runs your application and from which we receive telemetry.

The Enterprise option provides unlimited, continuous export of data at no extra charge.

Pricing details

Basic Enterprise
Base monthly price Free (unlimited nodes) $- per node
Included Data 1 GB per month 200 MB per node each day
Additional data $- per GB $- per GB
Data retention (raw and aggregated data) 90 days 90 days
Application Performance Management (APM) and Analytics features Included Included
Continuous export $- per GB Unlimited
Connector for Operations Management Suite Log Analytics Not Included Included
Multi-step web tests $- per test per month $- per test per month

One Application Insights Enterprise node is included with the Microsoft Operations Management Suite E1 and E2 plans. Learn more about Operations Management Suite.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Application Insights. Read the SLA.


  • A node is a physical or virtual machine or a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) instance that is hosting your app. For example, if your application runs on three Azure App Service instances and one virtual machine, then you have four nodes hosting your application.

  • We count the number of distinct nodes sending telemetry data each hour. If a node does not send any telemetry during a particular hour, then it is not counted. The monthly per-node pricing above assumes a node is sending telemetry every hour of the month, so if there are periods of inactivity for your application during the month, the actual charge will be lower.

    As your application scales up or down, such as adding additional web servers during peak periods of activity, Application Insights Enterprise charges will scale up or down as well.

  • There are a few situations that are excluded from node counting (though data volume is always counted):

    • Developer workstations running an application during debugging are not counted as nodes.
    • Using the JavaScript browser client SDK (or certain other SDKs that do not report “roleInstance”) does not count your end-users’ machines as nodes.
    • Using the HockeyApp bridge app does not count each mobile device monitored by HockeyApp as nodes.

    Learn more about managing pricing and data volume in Application Insights.

  • No problem. We only count the unique nodes sending telemetry data within your Azure subscription (billing account). For instance, if you have five separate websites running on the same physical server and each website is configured with Application Insights Enterprise (charged per node), then collectively these will count as one node.

    You can also have applications using Application Insights Basic (charged per GB) in the same Azure subscription and this will not affect the node counting for the applications that use Application Insights Enterprise.

  • When you choose the Enterprise pricing option, your application gets a daily allowance of data based on the number of nodes sending telemetry. So, if you have five nodes sending data, you will have a pooled allowance of 1 GB per day for your application (as defined by the Application Insights resource you set up). It does not matter if certain nodes are sending more data than other nodes because the included data is shared across all nodes for a given Azure subscription. If, on a given day, you send more data than is included in your daily data pool, the per-GB overage data charges apply. Unused data within your daily allowance does not roll over.

    The daily pooled data allowance is calculated as the number of hours in the day that each node is sending telemetry divided by 24 times 200 MB. So, if you have four nodes sending telemetry during 15 of the 24 hours in the day, the included data for that day would be ((4 x 15) / 24) x 200 MB = 500 MB.

    If you choose the Enterprise pricing option for multiple applications within the same Azure subscription, the daily allowance of data is shared across those applications. This daily allowance is not shared with applications for which you have chosen the Basic pricing option.

  • Within the Application Insights’ Feature + Pricing blade in the Azure portal, you can see how much data your application has sent and estimate your monthly bill based on the data volume. It also shows the count of nodes that have been observed for your application, so you can understand costs of the Enterprise option as well.

  • You can set a daily cap on the amount of data that Application Insights will accept from your application, allowing you to control your costs. After the daily cap has been reached, excess data will be ignored for the remainder of the day (in UTC time) and then will resume normally at the start of the next day.

    Additionally, you can use sampling to reduce the amount of data you send to Application Insights from your application.

    Learn more about managing pricing and data volume in Application Insights.

  • No, you may not use these monthly credits to purchase Application Insights services. The monthly credit for Visual Studio subscribers is intended to allow you to try out Azure services risk-free, enabling you to experiment and learn with different services and do light development work. You can, of course, still purchase Application Insights using your own funds through this subscription and Application Insights is backed by an SLA.

    Keep in mind that you can experience Application Insights Basic at no cost on an ongoing basis if your application sends less than 1 GB of data per month.

  • Yes. Here are the team Dev/Test offers available today:

  • Each purchased unit of the Operations Management Suite E1 and E2 plans includes an entitlement to one node of the Enterprise tier of Application Insights. Each Application Insights Enterprise node includes up to 200 MB of Application Insights data ingested per day with 90-day data retention at no additional cost. This data is separate from Log Analytics.

    Learn more about Operations Management Suite.

  • If you have questions about how pricing works for Application Insights, feel free to post a question in our forum.


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