What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service which lets you store data by transferring it over the Internet or another network to an offsite storage system maintained by a third party. There are hundreds of different cloud storage systems which include personal storage which holds and/or backs up emails, pictures, videos and other personal files of an individual, to enterprise storage which lets businesses use cloud storage as a commercially-supported remote backup solution where the company can securely transfer and store data files or share them between locations.

Storage systems are typically scalable to suit an individual’s or organisation’s data storage needs, accessible from any location and are application-agnostic for accessibility from any device. Businesses can select from three main models: a public cloud storage service which is suitable for unstructured data, a private cloud storage service which can be protected behind a company firewall for more control over data and a hybrid cloud storage service which blends public and private cloud services together for increased flexibility.

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Lower costs with an enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution


Lower costs with an enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution