Azure Availability Zones

High availability for your most demanding mission-critical applications and data

  • Protection from loss of datacenters
  • High-availability option for your comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy
  • 99.99% SLA on virtual machines

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Protection from datacenter failure

Availability Zones are unique physical locations with independent power, network, and cooling. Each Availability Zone is comprised of one or more datacenters and houses infrastructure to support highly available, mission critical applications. Availability Zones are tolerant to datacenter failures through redundancy and logical isolation of services.

Build high availability into your BCDR strategy

Agregue alta disponibilidad a su estrategia BCDRLas máquinas virtuales están separadas físicamenteentre zonas y se crea una red virtualcon equilibradores de carga en cada sitio. Estas ubicacionesestán lo suficientemente cerca como para ofrecer replicación de alta disponibilidad,de modo que sus aplicaciones permanecen en ejecución a pesar de losposibles problemas que puedan surgir en las ubicaciones físicas.1234567
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


Virtual machines (VMs) are physically separated across zones, and a virtual network is created using load balancers at each site. These locations are close enough for high availability replication, so your applications stay running, despite any issues at the physical locations.


  1. 1 Create zone-redundant Load Balancer
  2. 2 Create front-end subnet
  3. 3 Create DB subnet
  4. 4 Create VMs in three Availability Zones
  5. 5 Configure zone-redundant SQL DB
  6. 6 Add VMs to the load balancer’s back-end pool
  7. 7 Deploy your application on VMs for redundancy and high availability

Build with confidence with 99.99% VM uptime*

Know that your applications will be running when you need them.

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*99.99% SLA applies to two or more VMs running in two or more zones in the same region.

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