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Build and deploy Python apps in the cloud, with a range of apps and data services

Web Apps

Run your Python code on Azure Web Apps for Containers—a Linux-based, managed application platform.

Serverless functions

Azure Functions allows running Python code in a serverless environment that scales on-demand. Execute functions triggered by events and connected to other services with bindings, and pay only when your Python code is executed

Managed Kubernetes

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster to run your Python apps and services, as well as any other Docker container. Easily integrate with other Azure services using Open Service Broker for Azure.

Virtual Machines

Use your favourite Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian or Windows Server. Run your code with scalable Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Global NoSQL Database

Take advantage of Azure Cosmos DB—a globally-distributed, massively scalable and multi-model NoSQL database service that is compatible with MongoDB and Apache Cassandra.

MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL as a service

Set up your favourite relational database in the cloud using reliable, scalable and fully-managed services for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

Data science and AI, with Python on Azure

Artificial Intelligence platform

Build and train your Python models with Azure Machine Learning and tap into intelligent APIs for vision, speech, language, knowledge and search, with a few lines of code.

Jupyter Notebooks

Run your own Python data science experiments using a fully-managed Jupyter notebook with Azure Notebooks.

Hadoop and Spark

Use a managed Hadoop and Spark cluster with Azure HDInsights, suitable for enterprise-grade production workloads.

Data Science Virtual Machines

Use a friction-free data science environment that contains popular tools for data exploration, modeling and development activities.

Tools for Python developers

Visual Studio Code

Build Python apps with IntelliSense smart code completion, built-in debugging and linting. Visual Studio Code is our free, open source, lightweight editor for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Visual Studio IDE

Try our latest Python support on a premier development platform.

Windows subsystem for Linux

Run Linux applications natively on Windows 10, choosing from a range of supported distributions. No VMs, containers or recompilation necessary.

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