Java on Azure

Get started developing Java applications in the cloud with tools and frameworks of your choice

Why Java on Azure?

Develop using tools you love

Build, debug and deploy Java applications on Azure using your favourite IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code for Java. Use build and automation tools like Maven, Gradle and Jenkins for your CI/CD needs.

Ship faster with fully managed services

Unload infrastructure hardware and software management to Azure with Tomcat on App Service, Azure Spring Cloud, Azure Container Service and fully managed databases so you can focus on writing code.

Easy to grow

Quickly add services and capabilities like MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, performance monitoring and secrets management as your needs expand. Easily infuse AI into your apps with Azure Cognitive APIs.

Azure plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ

Build Java applications and deploy them to the cloud directly from your favourite IDE. Toolkits for Eclipse and IntelliJ provide templates and functionality that you can use to easily create, develop, test and deploy Azure applications.

Learn about tools and IDEs

Azure Spring Cloud

Use Azure Spring Cloud to bring modern microservice patterns to Spring Boot apps, eliminating boilerplate code to quickly develop robust Java apps. Easily deploy, operate and scale your apps in a fully managed environment.

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Java EE on Azure Container Service

Migrate JBoss EAP applications to WildFly on Azure Container Service and gain the benefits of a highly available, secure and fully managed Kubernetes service. Use detailed migration documentation to guide you.

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Build and deploy Java apps in the cloud using a range of familiar services

Migrate your applications

Migrate your Java applications running on Tomcat to Azure with the App Service Migration Assistant.

App Service Migration Assistant

Modernise with containers

Optimise your compute with containers. Azure Container Service offers a fully managed Kubernetes cluster to easily run your Java-based apps in the cloud.

Azure Kubernetes Service

MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL as a service

Set up your favourite relational database in the cloud using reliable, scalable and fully managed services for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

Azure database services

AI and Cognitive services

Use AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent apps. Cognitive Services bring AI within reach of every developer—without requiring machine-learning expertise.

Azure Cognitive Services

Security and identity services

Easily add authentication to your app with Azure Active Directory and store cryptographic keys and other secrets in Azure Key Vault.

Azure Active Directory

Monitoring services

Collect, analyse and act on telemetry data from your Azure and on-premises environments with Azure Monitor to maximise the performance and availability of your applications.

Azure Monitor

Modern Java for cloud developers

Java for Cloud Native applications in 2020? You better believe it! Martijn Verburg discusses advancements in the Java language, improvements for developer productivity and Microsoft's significant investment in the Java ecosystem.


Publish a Java web app with Eclipse

Learn how to deploy a Java web app to Azure by using Azure Toolkit for Eclipse. You will create a web app in Eclipse, deploy to Azure and manage deployed web app configurations using the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse.

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Publish a Java web app with Maven

Learn how to use the Maven plugin for Azure App Service to develop and deploy a Java web app. You will create a Java web app, configure the Maven plugin and deploy the app to Azure App Service using the Maven plugin.

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Implement a CI/CD pipeline for Java containers

Learn how Azure and Azure DevOps support Java applications. You will create a project in Azure Pipelines that builds and deploys a basic Java app to Azure, then trigger the pipeline to see your app be built and deployed.

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Azure Spring Cloud workshop

Learn how to deploy Spring Boot microservices to Azure Spring Cloud. You will create an Azure Spring Cloud cluster, build different Spring Boot microservices, configure a Spring Cloud Config server, build a Spring Cloud Gateway and more.

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Java to Azure migration docs

Read about recommended strategies for migrating Java applications to Azure. The documentation covers general migration and specific workloads including Spring, Tomcat, WebLogic, WildFly, WebSphere and JBoss EAP.

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Be more productive with latest Azure Java SDKs

Kick start your cloud-enabled Java apps using the latest unified SDKs. Streamline your cloud development with features such as HTTP retries, logging and transport and authentication protocols.

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