Understanding Azure—a guide for developers

How to develop on Azure from day one using common app design scenarios

Develop on a cloud platform designed for you

Like developers, apps come in all sizes. Apps once thought impossible due to scale, complexity, or because they simply could not be imagined, are now a reality with Azure. With our developer guide, you will see how our comprehensive set of app platform services can fit your needs, helping you navigate the architectural approaches and most common design patterns you face when building modern applications. And because Azure is constantly evolving, sign up to be notified of updates to the guide to ensure you make the most of any new Azure service.

Test drive MyDriving

At Build 2016, we showcased the MyDriving app that uses a wide range of Azure services to process and analyze car telemetry data for both real-time insights and long-term patterns and trends. Play with the app in a sandbox environment or your own Azure subscription now.

Explore MyDriving

Mobilise your world

We have got your back for mobile development—with an extensive mobile application platform for iOS, Android, and Windows. Learn about no-code, hybrid, native, and backend mobile solutions in our Mobile Application Development Platform white paper.

Open up the possibilities with open source

At Microsoft, we are committed to open source and cross-platform support. It is an approach that lets you bring the tools you love and skill you already have to Azure—from your favorite programming languages and frameworks, to databases and architectures.

Developed a taste for Java?

Azure makes it easy to deploy and scale Java apps. Tour our Java Developer Center to learn how Azure works with the tools you use every day.

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