Translator Speech API

Easily add speech translation to your app, optimised for real-life conversation

Microsoft Translator Speech API is a cloud-based automatic translation service. The API enables developers to add end-to-end, real-time speech translations to their applications or services.

Extend the reach of your applications

Easily power translation to and from nine languages across mobile, desktop and web applications through the open REST interface of Translator Speech API, a cloud-based automatic speech translation service (also known as machine translation).

Transcribe and translate real-life conversations

Add speech translation to your app, using technology optimised for translation of real-life conversations.

Adapt to your application needs

Depending on your unique scenarios, use one or more of the available outputs from the API: partial transcriptions as you speak, partial text translations, final transcriptions, final text translation or audio text-to-speech translation

What our customers are saying

“With the built-in Microsoft Translator integration, AEM customers can train a system for their specific content and start translating with very little IT investment.”
Akshay Madan, Principal Product Manager – Multilingual Solutions, Adobe

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