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Azure Resource Mover pricing

Simplify how you move multiple resources between Azure regions

Azure Resource Mover is a service that helps you plan, prepare, and move resources from one Azure region to another to support your business needs. Azure Resource Mover is available for no additional charge, however you may incur ingress/egress charges.

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  • Azure Resource Mover is a free service available with any Azure subscription.

  • Azure Resource Mover is available at no additional charge. However, you may incur charges associated with the move:

    • Network Bandwidth costs: These are costs associated to data moving out of Azure regions.
    • Egress or Outbound data transfer costs: E.g.: While moving a VM from source to target region, you will incur network egress costs to replicate data changes from the source VM disks to another Azure region. Azure Resource Mover utilises ASR replication technology underneath, which compresses the data before transfer. Hence, egress cost is charged for the compressed replication data.
    • Temporary resources costs: Charges might be incurred due to temporary resources on target region (E.g.: Storage resources to host replica disks) required while the move is happening.
    • Fixed costs: Licensing or fixed costs can be incurred as part of the regional move. E.g. ASR licensing costs for VM replication or SQL Geo replication costs to move SQL DBs across regions.

Talk to a sales specialist for a walk-through of Azure pricing. Understand pricing for your cloud solution.

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