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Azure Sphere pricing

Securely connect embedded MCU-powered devices from silicon to cloud

Azure Sphere is the easy and affordable way to build products that are innately secure and that continually respond to emerging threats – keeping devices secured over the long term. The Azure Sphere includes three components, sold together as one solution (components not sold separately): Azure Sphere certified MCU, Azure Sphere OS, Azure Sphere Security Service.

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Pricing and support details for our first Azure Sphere certified MCU, the MT3620AN. As we add new certified MCUs to our line-up, you can expect pricing to vary based on their capabilities and manufacturer requirements.

Azure Sphere SKU detail Pricing* Support details
Azure Sphere MCU model MT3620AN Less than $8.95
  • OS and security service updates supported up to July 2031
  • Ongoing support (up to and after July 2031) of certificate base authentication, failure reporting and OEM software updates
*Pricing may vary based on volume and other factors determined by our distributor, but will not exceed this published price.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Pricing will vary by Azure Sphere MCU. For the first Azure Sphere MCU, the MediaTek MT3620 AN, the price will be less than $8.95. This one-time price covers the physical MCU chip, licences for the chip, the Azure Sphere OS and the Azure Sphere Security Service, with updates and support until July 2031, as listed in the pricing table on this page. As we add new certified MCUs to our line-up, you can expect pricing to vary based on their capabilities and manufacturer requirements.
  • When you purchase the Azure Sphere solution from a distributor, you receive the following::
    • An Azure Sphere certified MCU
    • A licence and device access to the Azure Sphere Security Service
    • An Azure Sphere OS licence, which includes ongoing Azure Sphere OS updates

    These components will be packaged and sold together by our distributors for one low price. Contact us to order Azure Sphere from a distributor.

  • No. There is no ongoing subscription fee or consumption fees associated with your Azure Sphere purchase or the Azure Sphere Security Service. There is never an additional cost for Azure Sphere beyond the initial, one-time purchase price. However, if you build an app for Azure Sphere that consumes other Azure services, normal Azure consumption charges for those services apply.
  • No. The Azure Sphere Security Service is engineered to let device manufacturers integrate with the tools and services they already use. While the Azure Sphere Security Service runs in Azure, our customers have the choice to connect to any proprietary or public cloud for app data, and a choice in which development tools they use. Leveraging Visual Studio and Azure IoT services, however, allows organisations to develop apps for Azure Sphere more efficiently.
  • Yes. Proper licensing of Visual Studio is required to use the Visual Studio Tools for Azure Sphere. Visual Studio has a number of licensing options, including a generous, free community licence.
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