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Threat Protection for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Support in Security Center

Published date: November 04, 2019

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the new standard for deploying and managing software in the cloud. Few people have extensive experience with Kubernetes and many only focuses on general engineering and administration and overlook the security aspect. Kubernetes environment needs to be configured carefully to be secure, making sure no container focused attack surface doors are not left open is exposed for attackers. Security Center is expanding its support in the container space to one of the fastest growing services in Azure - Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

The new capabilities in this public preview release include:

  1. Discovery & Visibility - Continuous discovery of managed AKS instances within Security Center’s registered subscriptions.
  2. Secure Score recommendations - Actionable items to help customers comply to security best practices in AKS as part of the customer’s Secure Score, such as "Role-Based Access Control should be used to restrict access to a Kubernetes Service Cluster".
  3. Threat Detection - Host and cluster-based analytics, such as “A privileged container detected”.

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