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Azure Cost Management – Save and share customized views

Published date: August 26, 2019

Customizing a view in Cost Management is easy—Pick the date range you need, group the data to see a breakdown, choose the right visualization, and you're good to go. Pin your view to a dashboard (1) for one-click access, then share the dashboard with your team. It’s also possible to share a direct link (2) to your customized view so others can copy and personalize it for themselves.

To save customized views and share them directly from within cost analysis, start by selecting a built-in view, customize it, and click the Save as command (3). You'll need Cost Management Contributor access (or greater) to the scope to share views, but anyone can save private views, pin them to a dashboard, or share a URL. All views are accessible from the view menu (4). You'll see your private views first, then those shared across the scope, and lastly the built-in views, which are always available.

Start sharing customized views today.

Save and share customized views in Azure Cost Management

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