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Public Preview: OData API type in Azure API Management

Published date: July 19, 2023

We are excited to announce the public preview of the OData API type in Azure API Management. This new capability extends the benefits and capabilities of Azure API Management to OData APIs, including the ability to secure them with standard API protections, such as authentication, authorization, and rate limiting, in combination with OData-specific policies for request validation. First-class support for OData makes it easier for customers to use Azure API Management for publishing APIs from SAP, Oracle, Dataverse, and others who expose OData APIs. 

Key Features of the OData API Type: 

  • Import OData services into Azure API Management as APIs 

  • Expose and protect OData APIs 

  • Validate requests with OData specific policy 

  • Integrate with SAP solutions 

To learn more about the OData API type and its capabilities, please visit our documentation at 

  • API Management
  • Features

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