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Public preview: Metric alerts for logs

Published date: July 26, 2018

Metric alerts for logs are now in public preview, with no signup or enablement process. All customers with Azure Log Analytics workspaces in the regions of West Europe, East US, and West Central can now start creating metric alerts for supported logs. For more information on metric alerts for logs, see our previous blog post.

Supported logs are now expanded. You can create metric alerts for Heartbeat, Update, Perf Counters (Windows and Linux), and Event logs being channeled into your Azure Log Analytics workspace. The full list of supported logs and their extracted metrics with dimensions is available in the documentation

To create metric alerts for logs:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the Alerts section inside Azure Monitor, and select the + New Alert Rule option.
  2. For an alert target, select your Log Analytics workspace (in any of the supported regions). 
    A list of signals available for the selected Log Analytics workspace appears, including a list of metricsignals from the platform monitoring service.
  3. Choose the metric that you need. Specify the dimension filters (if any) to apply, along with the alert threshold and frequency.
  4. Provide the alert details, including its name, severity, and description.
  5. Associate the alert with an action group. Specify the actions or notifications to be done when the alert is fired.

Metric alerts for logs enable you to utilize data from Log Analytics as Azure Monitor metrics. It's a fast, metric-based alert option for customers who use Log Analytics as their focal point for monitoring. If you're exploring newer metric alerts for the first time, see the article for more details.

Pricing applicable for metric alerts will apply for metric alerts for logs. You can find details on the Azure Monitor pricing page.


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