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Generally available: Application Insights synthetic monitoring SLA report template

Published date: February 17, 2021

Application Insights Availability allows you to monitor the availability and responsiveness of any application or endpoint through web tests. These tests send HTTP requests at regular intervals from around the world to ensure your customers can access your site with a reliable connection. It doesn’t have to be a site you own. You can even test the availability of any REST API that your service depends on. The new SLA Report template allows you to easily report on your web tests across Azure resources with powerful out of the box queries for common scenarios. 

The report template includes several features: 

  • A single pane of glass to report on your web tests 

  • Exclusion of data that occurs during scheduled maintenance 

  • Total application downtime based on your outage criteria   

  • End to end outage identification 

  • Complete customization 

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