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Azure Stream Analytics No-code Editor: new features and improvements in Jan 2024

Published date: January 04, 2024

The Stream Analytics no-code editor empowers users to develop a Stream Analytics job seamlessly, without the need to write any code. This month, we've introduced several new features and improvements to enhance the no-code experience, providing users with a more intuitive experience. Notable improvements include:

  • Enhanced operator operation experience on the canvas: You can now seamlessly insert an operator between two connected nodes on the canvas by selecting the "+" icon when hovering over the connection line. Additionally, appending an operator to a specific node is made easy by selecting the "+" icon when hovering over the node. Deleting a connection line is also simplified with the introduction of a delete button when hovering over the connection line. These intuitive enhancements aim to streamline the design of your stream processing logic for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Introducing instructional bubbles for new jobs: Upon creating a new stream analytics job in the Azure Stream Analytics portal and opting for the no-code editor, you will now meet teaching bubbles. These bubbles are designed to guide you through the configuration process with the no-code editor, assisting you in tasks such as adding inputs, outputs, operators, and more when you open the job.
  • Switch to query editor from the no-code editor: To access the query editor mode, simply edit your query within the stream analytics job query blade by selecting the "edit query" button. Upon switching, you gain the capability to add and edit input/output/function/query blades, allowing you to make comprehensive changes to your job within these blades. It's important to note that once you switch to the query editor mode, reverting to the no-code editor mode is not possible.



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