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API Management

Publish, manage, secure, and analyze your APIs in minutes

Monetize your data and services, and open new channels to customers using Azure API Management.

Create an API gateway and developer portal in minutes

Use Azure API Management as a turnkey solution for publishing APIs to external and internal customers. Quickly create consistent and modern API gateways for existing back-end services hosted anywhere, secure and protect them from abuse and overuse, and get insights into usage and health. Plus, automate and scale developer onboarding to help get your API program up and running.

Work with any host, API, and scale

Use an API management platform that works the way you do. Securely connect to back-end services built and running on any technology stack—it doesn’t matter if you select Azure or another service to host your APIs. API Management is available worldwide and ready to scale up and down on demand, without service interruption, and handle any traffic growth or spike.

Attract more developers

Use a self-service developer portal that gives you access to an auto-generated API catalog, documentation, and code samples. Developers can sign in using existing customer or work identities, manage access keys, see their API usage reports, and make API calls without writing a line of code via an interactive console.

Secure and optimize your APIs

Secure your APIs using a key, token, and IP filtering. Enforce flexible and fine-grained quotas and rate limits, modify the shape and behavior of your APIs using policies, and improve latency and scale your APIs with response caching.

Gain insights into your APIs

Get a better understanding of how your APIs are being used and performing. Get near real-time analytics reports and identify trends that might affect your business. Plus, log request and response data for more online and offline analysis.

Diagram showing that app developers, apps, and API publishers input to Azure API Management through the developer portal, gateway, and publisher portal, which outputs directly or by VPN to backend services

Provide a first-rate developer experience

  • Self-service API key management
  • Auto-generated API catalog, documentation, and code samples
  • OAuth-enabled API console for exploring APIs without writing a line of code
  • Sign in using popular Internet identity providers and Azure Active Directory

Protect and optimize your APIs

  • Simplify and optimize requests and responses with transformation policies
  • Secure APIs with key, JSON Web Token (JWT) validation, and IP filtering
  • Protect your APIs from overload and overuse with quotas and rate limits
  • Use response caching for improved latency and scale

Manage all of your APIs in one place

  • Expose all APIs behind a single static IP and domain
  • Get near real-time usage, performance and health analytics
  • Automate management and integrate using REST API, PowerShell, and Git
  • Provision API Management and scale it on demand in one or more geographical regions

Connect to back-end services anywhere

  • Client certificate authentication
  • Azure virtual networks
  • Azure ExpressRoute

Create an API gateway to start managing APIs today