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Virtual machine scale sets now simpler to manage

Published date: March 04, 2020

Three new capabilities that simplify the overall management of virtual machine scale sets in Azure are now available.

New custom scale-in policies for virtual machine scale sets let you specify the order in which virtual machines (VMs) within a scale set are deleted during a scale-in operation based on a set of criteria (such as the newest VM that was added to a scale set). 

New instance protection policies enable you to protect one or more individual VMs in a scale set. Two new capabilities are provided:

  • Protect from scale-in  blocks instance deletion during scale-in operations.
  • Protect from scale set actions blocks all scale set operations including upgrades and reimage.

It’s also now possible to receive notifications about instance deletions and to set up a predefined delay timeout for the deletion operation. Notifications are sent through Azure Metadata Service Scheduled Events. Delay timeouts can range between 5 and 15 minutes.

Read the custom scale-in policy documentation

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